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What we offer

We offer all sorts of dedicated products, especially board games in various types like classic, exclusive, educational, travel mini versions.

While preparing the printing files on your own, please do not forget to read our suggestions on file preparation. Now let us create your game!

There are three ways to create a customized game:

Option 1:

We offer ready-made games based on proven patterns. They are a guarantee of fun as we have tested and sold them in great numbers branded with our logo. Now you can use the same games but with a logo changed to yours. Easy and fun way of levelling up your marketing activities in short time!

Option 2:

Let us know your idea for a game, manual or pictures that should be the essence of your product. We will fit them together and create a product you need using our technological capabilities. We help you out by choosing the right boxes, boards, pawns, and all other elements necessary to make that special game.

Option 3:

This is the way to create the most individual game. We only need to know your initial concept of the game. Based on this we suggest the game mechanics, graphics, manual, and all necessary components. We will develop game mechanics, graphics, instructions and other elements. During the design phase we stay in contact with you to make sure the final result is exactly as you expect it.

Recommended product groups:

Each of below products is an excellent way to emphasize company’s image by sharing unique marketing gadgets with your customers. Not only are they supporting your marketing but also present a great value in increasing sales.

Board games
Card games,
playing cards
Memory /
Domino type games
Classic, big
or giant puzzles
picture blocks
Magic mosaics
– plastic peg toy
Sand art
Pickup sticks
tiddlywinks, dice
Colourful windmills
in various shapes
Wooden and metal
construction sets
Marketing gadgets


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